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Holiday kid’s Kindle Giveaway

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About the Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition 7″ Tablet

Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet

I was pretty excited to see this pretty cool new product available through Amazon. This is a HOT PRODUCT! The all-new Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet also comes with 1 year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited (which means kids get unlimited access to 5,000 books, movies, TV shows, educational apps, and games—at no additional cost!). It includes a quad-core processor for great performance, a vivid HD display, front and rear-facing cameras, and Dolby Audio PLUS comes with a Kid-Proof Case, and a 2-year worry-free guarantee – if they break it, return it and Amazon replaces it for free. No questions asked! Um… can you say Christmas present?


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Return to Cardamom by Julie Anne Grasso





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Sneak Peek: Showken by Solease M. Barner


Blurb for SHOWKEN book 2
Marilyn Carrington has been hurt by everyone who has ever claimed to love her. Now, she only trusts herself and her .45 caliber pistol. When the sexiest man she has ever seen walks into the bar where she works, she stays clear of him, ignoring his advances, but when he takes the hint and leaves her alone, she finds herself missing him. Marilyn finds she doesn’t care about the danger she senses around him; she wants to know the feeling of love again. Marilyn’s only problem now is whether Showken is really ready for her.
Showken Draglen is known for being a playboy. Loving his freedom, he has never committed to a woman, and doesn’t ever plan to. But when he sees Marilyn, he will do whatever it takes to have her. Unused to rejection, he becomes even more determined to win her. But deep down Showken knows that when she finds out what he truly is, she will run, leaving him with the only option he knows, using his power.

*Author Bio:*

Solease lives in a quiet area. She is a wife, and mother to a daughter.
Solease loves to spend time with her family. She’s been called the social
butterfly by many friends. She’s a huge movie buff, and loves to read
books. She writes poetry on a daily basis, as a way to release stress.
Solease is the author of “Secrets of the Ghosts – The Sleeper”, “Secrets of
the Ghosts – AWAKENS”, and “The Draglen Brothers Series – DRAKEN”
ImageSneak Peek:

“Open the door, Marilyn, the food smells so good,” Showken says. I bite my lip and stare at the door. Shit, this guy doesn’t give up. The thunder strikes again, as I walk slowly to the door, stand next to it, and then I hear the rain. I can’t let him in.

“Go home, Showken,” I say.

“No Marilyn, open the door and let me eat some of your cooking, it smells really good,” he says. “I know you are standing next to the door, unlock it, Marilyn, and invite me in.”

I pull the door open, and before I can say anything, he’s inside, placing a bottle of wine on my counter. This guy is unbelievable. He looks very nice in his sweaty t-shirt. I just look at him as he goes into my kitchen, opening cabinets and grabbing two glasses. I don’t have any wine glasses; I’m not into things like that.


“Marilyn, come have a drink with me.” Showken says, not smiling, but giving me the sexiest look I’ve ever seen. Shit, he’s here to seduce me.

I pick up the glass and take a very small sip, walking back to the kitchen, knife still in my hand. Pointing the knife at him, I say, “You are taking a risk coming here at night. I could have fired a warning shot.” He raises an eyebrow at me, but I’m trying to scare him some. Staring at his amazing green eyes, I blink a few times just to make sure this is not a dream. Who has eyes that are as beautiful as this?

“I’m never at risk, love, and I wanted to see you. So, I smell stuffed chicken and you’re peeling sweet potatoes, what else is on the menu?” he asks, taking a drink, not removing his eyes from mine. I take a deep breath, and decide just dinner won’t be so bad.

“That’s dinner, and dessert will be the cupcakes I picked up from Wal-Mart. I know you are probably used to fancy meals, but this is as fancy as it gets,” I say, turning away from him as I finish cutting my sweet potatoes. How could he want a waitress at a bar and a cashier at a gas station? He’s some rich billionaire, and he chooses to have dinner with me in a one bedroom apartment. I don’t get it. “Why are you here, Showken?” I snap at him.

“I missed your company, and I like being around you.” he says, as if he’s telling himself new information.  “I haven’t figured it out, yet I feel like I should be around you. I don’t- Can I stay and have dinner with you, please?” he asks. I turn and finish chopping the sweet potatoes, placing them in a pot to boil. I turn and look him up and down, enjoying his body.

“You are here now, you can stay for dinner, nothing else,” I specify, avoiding any eye contact.

“Thanks, I’m going to get comfortable,” he says, pulling off his t-shirt. I almost reach out to touch his chest. Shit, I think fainting is a strong possibility with his shirt off. Oh my, I knew he had a great body, but he is built everywhere. He also has this badass tattoo on his chest and arm. I so want to lick them. Oh shit, I don’t know where these feelings are coming from for this man. The rain starts hitting the window, near the patio door. He turns and looks at me, and my mouth is getting really dry. “You okay? You look different,” he says, catching my eye, and everything south is running into my panties now. He starts to walk towards me and it’s like I’m in a trance, I can’t move. He leans down and gives my lips a slow lick from corner to corner, and he pulls back.

“Just as I thought, a slice of heaven,” he says, looking like a very aroused man now. “How long before dinner?” he asks, stepping back. Instantly I want his touch, again.

“Umm, it should be ready in about an hour,” I say, knowing my face is red from that very hot sexy thing he just did with my lips. You would think I could contain my emotions, and usually I can, but Showken is breaking down my walls quickly.

“Great, I can’t wait to eat,” he says, with an emphasis on ‘eat’. I can’t help but think he is talking about more than food, and I’m sure I want him more than food right now. I grab my glass and take a huge gulp of this fantastic wine he’s brought. He watches me move around the kitchen as I make up Bruiser’s food. He doesn’t say a word. I feel like he is talking, but with his eyes; they are following me, and my body is yearning now.  He finally breaks the silence.

“You have siblings?” he asks.

“Uhh, no. It’s just me,” I say, really not wanting to talk about myself. “Do you have brothers or sisters?” I ask, giving him the same question to see how he likes the hot seat.

“Yes, there are ten of us altogether, nine boys and one girl,” Showken says, with a smirk. I wonder what that is about.

“Wow, your mother must really like kids. I couldn’t imagine having that many kids,” I say, taking out the butter and brown sugar for my sweet potatoes. I can’t wait to eat.

“Well, we have big families, and it’s kind of a tradition. Anything under seven is unheard of. How many kids do you want?”

I look up at him as if he’s confessed a murder.

“I will never have kids, ever,” I say, turning away from him and feeling tears building up in my eyes. I feel him standing behind me and I can’t move or speak. I turn and he pulls me into his arms, and the tears are pouring down. I’m a product of bad blood; I won’t take the risk of bringing a child into this world, knowing where it comes from. I wipe my tears and turn to finish dinner. We don’t speak again until I’m pulling the cupcakes out of the fridge.

“Showken, do you want a cupcake or two,” I say, as he has eaten everything already. After I fixed my plate and told him to eat as much as he wanted, he finished the other three stuffed chicken breasts and all of the potatoes. I couldn’t get upset, because he ate in silence and seemed to enjoy every bite.

“Yes, I’ll have one,” he says, moving to the sofa in front of the television. I see Bruiser is stuffed as he lies on his side, watching. I walk over and hand him a double chocolate cupcake; he sets it down on the table in front of him. I glance over and look at his chest, again. He has the best body ever.

“Showken, you don’t like chocolate?” I ask peeling down my cupcake paper. I take a bite, and see him watching me, licking his lips.

“Yes, I love chocolate, but I’ll wait to eat mine. You enjoy,” he says, and his eyes roam my body. I can’t eat with him watching me like this. I take one more bite, and set it down. I stand and his hand touches my knee, oh, my body is way too responsive to him. I look up and he’s smiling.

“Wait, I want to eat my dessert now.” He gives a wicked smile, and I think my eyes will come out of my head. I’ve never had a guy so smooth. “Don’t I get to eat my dessert, Marilyn?” he asks,

Cover Reveal: Erasing Shadows by KD Rose


Title: Erasing: Shadows

Author: KD Rose     

Genre: Mature YA, Paranormal Romance
Expected Release Date: December 18th, 2013

Reveal Host: Lady Amber’s Tours




Mira is a girl outside of time. She has experienced every mother’s nightmare—your child disappearing right before your eyes.

But, this isn’t at all what it seems. This isn’t a tale of kidnapping. Mira’s child doesn’t get snatched. He literally disappears—fading from her grasp—right before her eyes.

Mira and her gang of friends are forced to once again travel to the ‘other world’. A reality made of dreams—and nightmares—with dangers none of them expected. Things aren’t at all what they appear to be.

This isn’t the first loss Mira has experienced, and when her husband and friends travel to the ‘other world’ to find her, they find more than they bargained for in a world made of dreams and shadows…and danger.

Join the High Five Gang as a group of ‘adults’ move into a world where they are now teenagers again. Can they save Mira from her own worst nightmares before it’s too late?


First in the Erasing Series, Erasing: Shadows recounts the beginning of an exciting and dangerous adventure- one that has repercussions far beyond imagination.


Author Bio:
Author. Bleeding Edge. Will not fit into your mold.

K.D. Rose is an author and poet and currently has “Heavy Bags of Soul”, “Inside Sorrow” and “I AM” on sale at Amazon.com. Look for The Erasing Series, Book 1-“Erasing: Shadows” on sale in December, 2013! Erasing: Shadows is the first of a Seven Book Series for New Adults in the Paranormal Genre.

K.D. Rose is now also an author with Lycaon Press, a subsidiary of Breathless Press. K.D.’s book, Inside Sorrow won the Readers Favorite 2013 international Silver Medal forPoetry.Just like her books, KD Rose is edgy, hits you in the gut and gives you the education you never knew you needed. Writing with irony, truth, and a spiked pen, she takes you past the self into self-evolution.

K.D. has an eclectic mind and loves language, physics, philosophy, photography, design, artof all kinds, writing of all kinds, symbolism, semiotics, spirituality, and Dr. Who.

K.D. Rose values the question more than the answer and loves creativity and innovation. K.D. is also a sucker for cutting edge thought and has been known to bring some into realityherself.

KD Rose is an avid supporter of music, the arts, cutting edge science, technology, and

creativity in all forms that encourage us to expand and explore past the artificial limits we often set for ourselves in order to see the everyday connections that exist among all things.

Join K D Rose on the following social media sites:


Amazon Author Page: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00830RFC0
Blog: http://www.kdroseauthortales.com
Email: kd.rose@aol.com
Twitter: @kdrose1
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kdroseauthor

Artist, Authors and other creatives, feel free to friend my personal page. You can also “like” my official facebook author page to receive updates on my books, interviews, blog tours, release parties, contests, and release dates.

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6038789.K_D_Rose
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=184204909&trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile

Website for the Erasing Series: http://kdroseworld.com/

Cover Reveal: King Cave by Scarlett Dawn


*The long-awaited sequel to the bestselling, award-winning *King Hall:* the
revolution is here, but the most dangerous attack may come from within…*

The safe, comfortable world of Lily Ruckler and her fellow Mystical Kings
and Queens is rocked to the core by the attacks at King Hall. Not only does
Lily have to kill the Commoners attacking her people, she also has to
assume the mantle of leadership, and bring the surviving Mysticals to King

It should have been too much, but she is not alone. Ezra becomes her rock,
her best friend, the one person who understands. As Pearl and Jack struggle
with inconsolable loss, Ezra and Lily work to keep the Mys community safe
in their new home, and plan a deadly retaliation.

Their friendship saves them both…but it also draws attention. Whispers.
Judgment. It’s not normal for Shifters and Vampires to be friends, and when
a horrifying truth is revealed, their relationship morphs from unusual to
unspeakable. Lily is good at keeping secrets that could get her killed. Is
she willing to risk Ezra’s life as