Stones (Data) (Stones, Book One)Stones (Data) by Jacob Whaler
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ater reading Stones Data by Jacob Whaler it is my opinion that the book deserves 4 of 5 stars. When you look at the cover you are greeted by a futuristic night sky over a well lit city. This is not only releveant to the story, but very visually appealing as well. Once you open the cover and begin to read you are immediately pulled into a story that is wonderfully written, structurally sound, and well researched. I quite enjoyed being made to feel like a part of the story thanks to the author’s use of powerful descriptive language. In the beginning of the book I found myself slightly confused by the way the story change time period and location, but this was merely the author’s way of introducing the reader to all of the characters and presenting the reader with necessary information that all ties together quite nicely as the story progresses. The characters were very well developed and likeable. I often found myself feeling sorry for Matt and admiring his strength as I learned of his plight. He is a character that is very easy to symphetize with, and his relationship with is father is sure to strike a chord with even the most cynical reader. The antagonist in the story is a very powerful, manipulative man made even more powerful by the use of a Stone. He is a formidable foe as he will go to any length to get what he wants; the remaining Stones and the power that they hold. The better aquanted I became with his character the more I loved to hate him, so to speak. His mere presence in the story made my heart race as if were me he was after. This book was adequately labled a Techno-Thriller, and it certainly demonstrates the dangers of becoming drunk on power and trying to claim it all for yourself.

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Review: Stones (Data) by Jacob Whaler


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